Discover The Secret Mind-Hacks That Top Professional Soccer Players Say Are More Valuable Than Any Other Training or Drill To Your Success On The Pitch
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"Very impressive stuff. I can't recommend it highly enough!"

I went through the Soccer Mindset Academy to check it first before I got my three sons onto it. I was very impressed with the videos and how easy Andy made the course. My sons have all gone through the course and they found it very useful
and all three of them have seen a marked improvement in their attitude towards their soccer and the results on the field. Very impressive stuff. Can't recommend it highly enough!

Julian Vassay - Soccer Parent to three boys

"I wish I had access to it during my early playing career!!"

Having been a professional footballer for 15 years with Southampton, Brighton & Hove Albion, Queen of the South and a few others.
The content on here is really terrific, with a great insight into the mind set you need to have and what it takes to be a success in the world of professional soccer.
Soccer, in my opinion, is all about having the right mentality to succeed and this site really struck a chord with me and I wish I had access to it during my early playing career !!
Derek Allan - Ex-Professional Soccer Player

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Your SMA Coaches
Yal Bekar
Academy Director
Andy Barton
Performance Director
Dr. Matt Pain
Psychology Advisor
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Frequently Asked Questions
Is Soccer Mindset Academy right for me?
Soccer Mindset Academy is aimed at players from the age of 12 through to 18 years of age, however the tools and techniques shared are the same ones used by professional soccer players. If you want to have more confidence, greater belief and determination – if you want to be able to control your emotions, stay calm under pressure and play a better game then YES Soccer Mindset Academy is right for you.
How long will it take to see an improvement in my game?
These kinds of things are different for everyone, however if you follow the drills, practice the techniques and use them everyday you will begin to notice a change in your confidence, mental attitude and your game very quickly.
Who are the Soccer Mindset Coaches and what qualifies them to teach this program?
Yal Bekar
A “talented” soccer player in his youth; a rising 14-year old superstar with skill, power, pace, and an eye for a pass. - according to the scouts and National Press. But like so many, his career fizzled out, for reasons he didn’t yet understand, and he found himself on the scrap heap along with thousands of other players every year.

Yal spent the next 25 years trying to work out why some of his teammates who were not technically as talented made the grade while he didn’t… It seems he was missing the critical third side of the “PEAK PERFORMANCE” triangle Something he only discovered later in life, something he now knows is crucial to success at any level, in any sport, in fact in any area of life. Yal’s journey led him into a career on the fringes of Soccer, which allowed him now, to team up with Andy Barton and other coaches and mentors to create the SMA and help young players to create the a brilliant soccer mindset to help them become the best player they can be. 
Andy Barton
Andy is one of the UK's leading performance consultants, a trainer, mentor, writer and speaker, with a worldwide client base working in the areas of sport, business, the performing arts and personal development... Andy is particularly known for his work in the sports field where his clients include Premiership footballers, European Tour golfers, Olympians, international rugby players, cricketers, tennis players and motor sport competitors. His knowledge and understanding of creating a ‘peak performance’ mindset means he is in high demand from a wide range of other fields including business leaders, stage and screen actors, musicians, comedians, financial traders, entrepreneurs, politicians, designers, professional poker players and writers to name a few. 

It was Andy that first brought Yal’s attention to the existence of the “PEAK PERFORMANCE” triangle as a result of his extensive work with Sporting professionals.
Dr. Matt Pain
Dr Matt Pain has 15 years experience as a psychologist working in elite sport, including 10 years managing the Football Association’s psychology research and education strategy; he worked extensively with professional players and coaches, including the England youth football teams; and in a range of Olympic sports. He completed a PhD at Loughborough University and worked there for 5 years, publishing widely in peer-reviewed journals and writing a number of books and chapters on sport psychology in football.  

Dr. Pain is also a qualified Level 4 coach, and works extensively with grassroots and academy players.
Dr. Matt Pain
"The soccer mindset academy has all the tools a player needs to develop mental resilience, and make the most of their abilities on the pitch"
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Copyright © 2016 Soccer Mindset Academy. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2016 Soccer Mindset Academy. All rights reserved.